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Organizing the Inside – Day 328 Authentic Living: The Way to a Rich and Satisfying Life

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 (NLT)

An authentic life is not what most people live. If most of us are honest with ourselves there is a wide divide between what we do and our authentic selves. We often end up doing what other people expect and many of us get so caught up in doing what someone expects that we lose our way. Embracing your authentic self is also about understanding the way God made you and accepting what makes you different. This rich and abundant life that Jesus came to give is a life that does the will of the Father, not everyone else. Do you find that you are often doing certain things, not because you want to or love doing it, but because that’s just what you’ve always done?

Try viewing things from a different perspective. Why not let go of some things that suck up your time and get in the way of you doing what’s real and meaningful. I’m only suggesting that if you are stuck in a situation that you don’t like being stuck in, make time to think things through. With a bit of honest self-scrutiny you can fill in the missing pieces and close the gap between who you are pretending to be and who you really are. The answer to living an abundant life is in your heart. Don’t allow yourself to be so busy living and going and doing all those things that don’t add up, that you never discover the true formula that does add up to God’s will for your life. You likely already know what needs to change, but you perhaps have put off doing anything about it.

God is painting a beautiful picture on the canvas of your life. Never be ashamed of all the wonderful gifts and talents God has given you, no matter how undeveloped or unpolished they may be.  Be willing to share what you have to share today (even if you only share it with God for now). Don’t allow the enemy to marginalize your strengths when you are a daughter of the living God. Finally, believe in you and embrace your authentic self. I’m not promoting self-esteem, because I don’t believe any of us should esteem ourselves as anything. I’m speaking about God-esteem, accepting who He made you by doing your best to walk in it. When you speak, speak from your heart. When you share, do so in a way that is true to your individuality. We are all so different, so unique in our own way and that’s why embracing and living your own authentic life is so important. Consider the vast array of flowers found in the most beautiful gardens in the world. There isn’t just one kind of flower or one color; there are hundreds and each one of them is uniquely different.

Stop living under the weight of all that stress. The enemy clearly wants to defeat you and keep you from enjoying life. Is it not time to experience the joy and peace that comes from being true to you? Stop hiding behind a long list of other people’s expectations (or your own expectations inside your head) and live out the life that God has chosen for you. Certainly abundant life comes through serving, but not under the weight of not being who God meant for you to be. If you’ve been pretending for a while now it may be a bit tough to discover or rediscover yourself.  The Holy Spirit is able to show you all that is dormant and help you live life abundantly, by enabling you to embracing the true, authentic woman God made you to be.


  Catherine Kennedy wrote @

Your best post yet! And a lot to unpack. I’ll be working on this one for a while. Thanks.

  Liz Mason wrote @

Hey Catherine, Thanks so much… trust me I understand, having been first partaker of my own writings. After a while it goes down just a bit easier as I learn to allow the Holy Spirit to help me digest all that God has for me. Thank you so much for sharing your comment. I appreciate you being there.

  At Home With God wrote @

Oh, this post is an encouragement and a challenge! God is really hammering out in my heart that I cannot worry about what others think of me or live my life to please them, being what I think they expect me to be.

My heart is taking a while to get it, but I’m so glad He’s persistent! There is so much more life in living solely for Him and His glory–being able to serve others because of Christ and not by the power of the flesh–than in any man-based ambitions I have.

I’ve been pretending–most prominently to myself–that I am good at pleasing others. God keeps showing me that I’m not and, what’s more, that this trait is of negative value in His kingdom. God wants me to serve His singularly, to not have my heart caught up in web of deceit and idolatry.

Oh, please pray for me, I want to get victory over this stronghold; I want to see Christ’s work be brought so much closer to completion!

  Liz Mason wrote @

May God meet you at your point of need and then go exceedingly, abundantly and above all you ask or even think to ask for and bless you beyond measure. Getting from beneath the added stress of everyone’s expectations is not easy, but thank God for Jesus who empowers us to do His will and do it well. God is so faithful. Thank you for your transparency and for sharing I’m sure many will be blessed by your openness. Keep embracing your beautiful authentic self!!

  At Home With God wrote @

Oh, thank you Liz. I am so encouraged by your reminder that Christ empowers all things in me, that’s exactly what I needed. 🙂

  Liz Mason wrote @

Isn’t God so wonderful? Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  At Home With God wrote @

He is! And you’re welcome. 🙂

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