Organizing the Inside 365 Days

Empowering Christian Women To Get Organized and Discover God's Plan for Their Lives

Our Values

LEADERSHIP: Provide guidance and direction to women who aspire to live an organized and simplified life that glorifies God.

HUMILITY: Unpretentiously offer solutions and resources where change is needed to effectively serve those we are sent to serve.

OBEDIENCE: Agreement with the Word of God by yielding to the written and perceived will of God.

FAITHFULNESS: Demonstrate authenticity and integrity to who God has called us to be when handling adversity and opposition and when celebrating success.

CHARITY: Demonstrate love for humanity, by not judging others or being self-seeking.


  Author and Keynote Speaker Myeisha Johnson wrote @

Hi Liz. Awesome Blog you have here. May God continue to bless you and keep you. And, may you have great favor throughout your life. Blessings to you.

  Liz Mason wrote @

Thank you so much Myeisha. I’m happy you stopped by, please visit again. Thank you for the blessing! I’ll check in with you again soon.

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