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Organizing the Inside – Day 102 Let It Be Written

Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord:
~Psalm 102:18

There is something to be said about writing things down.
Writing tends to bring clarity and generally serves as a reference for information.  Many times in the bible we find someone from the New Testament referring to something that is written in the Old Testament. Often when a king would make a new decree it would be written and sealed with the kings own signet, which made it official. We write laws and all kinds of things; writing is still an important form of communication.

Now we have e-everything:
email, evites, ebooks, ezines and even ebanking. We have e-bibles and I for one confess I can’t seem to stop using it. I do however question if, with all this new electronic capability whether we have somehow lost just a little something throughout this great modern transition. As I’m electronically preparing these words today on a very current version of software my spellchecker hardly recognizes many of the “e-words,” (don’t bother I checked too many variations) nevertheless, they definitely have become a normal part of our everyday lives.

Taking pen to paper has its place.
As an organizing expert my time is spent helping women organize their lives both spiritually and physically; I see the usefulness of paper and pen and I am not ready to abandon it just yet. If you’re a busy person with family and work responsibilities, you know the importance of getting things done.  You seem to manage to get by; but many aspects of creativity, evaluating your true feeling or even having time to ponder life’s blessings are often pushed aside for more substantial tasks on your “to do” list.

I’m not the postmaster.
Yet, I wonder if I’ve read your mail or for that matter your email. If you are thinking, “Yep, that’s me!” You may want to consider journaling. Journaling is a way of recording your private thoughts and reflections. It can often help bring clarity to a particular problem. It can also be a way of helping you organize your thoughts. You can write a letter to God; He is not receiving emails as far as I know. I recommend journaling in my practice as a way of making the vision plain. There are many instances in the Word of God where the Lord tells someone to write something down. Journaling is for you, this is not like blogging although you may one day choose to share you private thoughts with the world; begin with it being just for you and the Lord. It will allow you to organize your endless streams of thoughts in a way that could potentially help you clarify more specifics about God’s plan for your life.  Writing  can help reveal truths, which may otherwise seem hidden.

Don’t go adding any pressure to your life.
Journaling should be done in your leisure. Please do not take this on as a new task to improve your life… Do it as you will, but I do recommend you try it. Write as little or as much as you want. Make it a way of capturing ideas, dreams, thoughts, and the occasional creative spark, but make it fun!  Also read Habakkuk 2:1-3 and Romans 15:4