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Organizing the Inside – Day 257 Keep A Godly Inner Circle

Now these are the chiefs of David’s mighty men, who gave him strong support in his kingdom, together with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the LORD concerning Israel. 1 Chronicles 11:10 (ESV)

Who are the people surrounding you?
Are the people in your inner circle women of God or are they women who are in the world? When you are surrounded by strong women of faith your own faith is strengthened. The opposite is also true, when surrounded by women who are negative, doubters you too will begin to doubt.  Fellowship is vitally important to your spiritual growth and fulfilling God’s purpose for your life, but be mindful about who you fellowship with.

Be careful not to isolate yourself.
Being in isolation is a trick of the enemy to keep you from certain protections God has placed in the body of Christ. Having access to the gifts that your sisters in Christ have could mean the difference between you having the support and resources needed to fulfill God’s purpose and not having them. There are times when certain gifts are critical to fulfilling God’s plan for your life. A good example would be the gift of healing. In sickness you may need the gift of healing and if you have isolated yourself from other believers you likely may not have access to that gift.

Organize an inner circle of faithful Christian sisters.
Everyone needs an inner circle, that core group of believers who love God and can give advice and support. You can open up to those in your inner circle and share each others burdens. The strong men that surrounded David were there for a purpose. Sure David was a man of great valor, but he also had a very capable group of men around him who were loyal to him. David was surrounded by men who had his best interest at heart and many were willing to go to battle and die for him.

You cannot go it alone.
Organizing an inner circle is a very smart thing to do. When organizing an inner circle of Christian women there are a few things to keep in mind. Those in your inner circle should know, see and appreciate your vision. The quantity is not at all important, but quality is.

  1. Everyone has something of value to give. It’s important to love the people in your inner circle and be willing to also invest in their lives. If you are too busy to invest in others it is selfish and unfair for you to expect them to want to invest in your life.
  2. Respect the gifts of others and let them be authentic to who God has called them to be. In other words, don’t try to change people to suit your likes or dislikes. People are at their best when they are operating in their God-given TAGS, talents, abilities, gifts and skills.
  3. Pray for discernment and wisdom when inviting people into your inner circle. You don’t want people close to you who won’t challenge you to expand your thinking and grow in your relationship with God. You also don’t need people who are always going to be in constant conflict with you because of their own agendas.


  Author of Christian Comfort & Conversation wrote @

Amen it is not the quanity it is the quality. This is something that goes along with prayer. It is not the quantity of prayer, but the quality of your heart and your character before God that gets His attention. Your Actions speak louder than your words with God! LOL (Love Out Loud).

  Liz Mason wrote @

So true Shenine, when it comes to prayer God sees our heart and our faith. I like that, “LOL-Love Out Loud” our actions that’s what makes a difference. Thank you for sharing this post, I consider it a real honor.

  Author of Christian Comfort & Conversation wrote @

Reblogged this on Christian Comfort & Conversation Cafe and commented:
Glory to God, here is confirmation on the company you keep…Thank you Jesus.

  Debbie VTJ wrote @

“LOVE OUT LOUD” simply unique & inspiring…… Love that post.

  Liz Mason wrote @

Thank you Debbie! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a quick word of encouragement.

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