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Organizing the Inside – Day 251 When Your “Purr” Turns Into A “Rumble”

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11 (NIV)

My truck “Lizzy” was acting weird and didn’t seem to have the quick acceleration that she once did. At first I just said, “hum?” and kept driving it. Day after day, I started to notice a change. The engine seemed to make a strange sound when I started her up in the morning. That lovely purr I’d become so fond of was quickly being replaced by a growl and I was no longer getting the same great mileage either. Finally I started to notice when I’d come to a sudden stop, Lizzy would rumble just a bit. Surely there was something affecting her performance; she just didn’t respond on the road the way I was use to her responding. Lizzy’s problems were not uncommon. Lizzy was sluggish and just not operating at her peak performance any more. As I thought about it, Lizzy’s change reminded me of many Christian women who keep going and doing, and running and working without ever stopping for a much-needed tune-up.

Are you feeling especially sluggish or slothful?
Are you exhausted? Are your emotions on edge regardless of the time of month? If so, perhaps it’s time you check in (your prayer closet) for servicing with the greatest certified spiritual mechanic known to mankind, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Let Him put you up on the lift and run a diagnostic test (quiet time with the Lord). Once you are connected to the truth indicator, (Word of God) everything that is slowing you down can be corrected. If your system is not operating at its maximum efficiency you need to take care of those few small concerns. Left unattended those minor issues may eventually turn into something major.

Christ will renew your strength.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit you will again start to operate at the apex of your performance capacity. By faith, through prayer, commit all your issues, concerns and malfunctioning parts to God. Once you take time, better yet, make time to get before His presence; He will meet you there. He will replenish all your spiritual fluids, inflate tires, check fuel lines, and replace spark plugs too. Whatever is needed, Jesus is there to give you that spiritual tune-up, which only He can do. It’s truly not until we make time to spend with our creator that any of us can run each day at our peak performance levels.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NIV)