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Organizing the Inside – Day 234 Is The Past Holding You Back?

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. Isaiah 43:19 (NLT)

Clutter and disorganization, an outward manifestation of an inward condition.
Have you ever taken a closet inventory and wanted to scream? Not your spiritual closet, let’s not go that deep just yet. I’m talking about your clothes closet. While helping a client recently, I could see how she felt tied to her past. The longer we worked on getting her closet organized, the more I came to realize that she was deeply attached to her stuff. God revealed to me that the reason for her sadness was due to her recent downsizing. She hadn’t fully accepted that her new home was not as grand and spacious as before. She seemed desperate to go back to what she felt was better times. I saw in her the same common denominator among many who have too much stuff.  She couldn’t get excited about her new closet, because she was stuck trying to hold on to the past. So it is with many Christian women who can’t get excited about what God is doing right now and in the future; they are too consumed with the past.

God wants us to put our stuff in proper perspective.
Realize that having emotional attachments to things is not what God intended. Once you lose your focus, the pursuit of things often becomes the “why” behind what you do. Even those things that have sentimental value sometimes keep us holding on to the past. Consider the real reason you have old greeting cards, clothes that you no longer can wear, or that special something that you absolutely refuse to let go of. Challenge yourself to put your stuff in its proper place. Clutter can keep you from achieving God’s righteous purpose. Whether your clutter is physical, mental or spiritual God has called us to live a life of simplicity. Clutter can hold you back from reaching your goals. Old relationships, memories and things can keep you from being productive. God wants your life to be free from bondage, of any kind. Find ways to embrace something new; it begins when you let go of the past.

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  nightshade130 wrote @

you are soo true with this Liz. I realize that i find that I keep stuff for a long time even though I don’t really need it or don’t use it and god had to take me to that place where i ran out of room for all this stuff and I just did a clean sweep and gave all of the unused stuff that I held with much value at the time to charity. i felt a release after having let go of all these things that weren’t adding to me in anyway. Sometimes we hoard things to feel complete, but that only causes us to not see a true picture of ourselves. when we clean sweep and let go of all the unncessary junk and stuff, we are left with a clean room where we can see things we didn’t see for the very first time. So how we deal with things on the outside is how we deal with things on the inside. i feel what we do outwardly reflects what’s going on internally in a person’s heart and that is what i discovered when i let go of all the stuff I thought I should keep for a “rainy day” but those days never came and i kept piling up more and more. I’m glad for the release that giving away that stuff I had collected over time to charity. it made me feel better and I feel like wow…I wish I had done this a long long time ago.

Great Post Liz.
Sherline 😀

  Liz Mason wrote @

Thank you so much for sharing this comment. What you have discovered is what I spend countless hours trying to help others to see. All the stuff we sometimes have in our lives create barriers that keep us stuck and unable to move to the next level. Clutter distracts! The hours turn to days and the days turn to weeks and the weeks to years and it all results in little or not enough real productivity. Why because one is bound by stuff, too much stuff, and all that when Jesus has made us free.

Hey Sherline, I appreciate you being there. What a blessing!

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