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Organizing the Inside – Day 208 Do You Have A Form?

They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!   
2 Timothy 3:5

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: (KJV)

Many people consider themselves good Christians.
Is their Christianity according to the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ?  There are some communities where most everyone feels they are good Christians, raising their children in a “Christian home.” But what does that mean?  Going to church, knowing exactly how to wave your hand instead of saying “Amen” is something many learn early, especially when they are good church going folks. So many, who have established their own form of righteousness are quick to point out that they were raised in a “good Christian home,” and that they are “a good person.” The problem with this is somehow they have built a false religion unto themselves. These are absolutely the hardest people to witness to, because their righteousness is not according to knowledge, and has absolutely nothing to do with redemption through Christ. Sunday after Sunday they walk orderly to the front and drop their offering in the basket, feeling as though their obedience has been fulfilled. Taking their seat again in the pew they feel a sense of pride because of their good works.

God is not interested in their good works, most of which will be burnt up when Jesus returns. (2 Peter 3:10)  God is interested in man’s heart.  Look inward and ask yourself a question. Do I have a form of godliness?  If you’ve been around church folks for any length of time, you probably know how to look, act and finish all the clichés like, “God is good… all the time.”  But the time is coming–indeed it’s here now–when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way. John 4:23 (NLT) Looking good on the outside is meaningless when your inside is hurting because of sin. Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Psalm 51:6 (KJV)
It’s time for all the “good Christians” to seek God’s wisdom and live a life of holiness. Allow God into the inner parts of your heart and mind, while asking Him to help you change.  For without holiness no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14b (NIV)

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, Romans 12:2 (KJV) I am convinced of this, God doesn’t want us to have a form, He wants us transformed into the very image and likeness of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Having the mind of Christ begins with change that happens on the inside. It has nothing to do with how well you can act, pray, sing, give, or talk like a Christian…it’s about real change; which only comes one way, through Jesus.