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Organizing the Inside – Day 167 Ready, Set, Leap!

15Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving! 16Pick up your staff and raise your hand over the sea. Divide the water so the Israelites can walk through the middle of the sea on dry ground. Exodus 14:15, 16

True security is only found in the will of God.
No paycheck, bank account or stock portfolio can give true security. When we allow ourselves to trust in those things (because that’s just what people do when they aren’t trusting God) we end up confused in a life that is dictated by circumstances instead of faith. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith and our hope is in Him. Not once when I needed Him, has He failed to come through. He’s always there to provide, protect and heal. Looking back, I realize that God has given me everything I ever needed and so much more. It’s the enemy’s modus operandi to try to keep us from having faith in God. If you let him the devil will trick you into thinking God may not be able to handle this one. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who exposes the tricks of the devil and gives us the faith to believe and the power to overcome.

Hoping for something that you cannot see with the human eye and still being sure it’s there is absolutely impossible to do on your own. God wants us to trust Him. Being willing to take risks has its payoffs. Risking is when you take a huge leap of faith to change things in your life. No need to abandon good judgment, but sometimes what’s pressing on your heart may not seem reasonable to you. But, “Wisdom is shown to be right by its results.” Matthew 9:39 You will never get the results that proves faith is real, unless you are willing to take the risks. Risks, no matter how high the stakes, are only an illusion; because trusting God is not a risk at all.

I held tight to my security?
Recently I’ve had to leave behind much of what I felt represented security. The knowledge and years of training and experience made me feel secure. My intellect had served me quite well for so long. When God began to show me that He wanted to do something new in my life, at first I resisted. My intellect had become a fortress that would minimize the risks; I always had a plan B. Like many people, my definition of security was completely wrapped up in my career. It’s what I’ve always done to make money and I was very good at it. My identity was tied up in what I did, instead of who I was a daughter of the Most High God. My strong mind had become a liability, because my intellect had no real part in trusting God. I wanted to understand with my mind what was going on. This wasn’t logical, this was not what people do, I‘d reason. Even then while holding on to the one shred of logic I could find, I reasoned there was no way God would tell me to do something if He wasn’t going to help me succeed. So in spite of my head being in constant conflict with my heart, I managed to resolve the conflict and take one of the biggest leaps of faith of my life.

Where does your security lie?
Many people look at security as having the ability to endure daily torture by doing the same thing over and over and over no matter how miserable they are. We speak about job security and how it would be irresponsible to leave a good paying job of 20 years to follow your passion. These folks likely find security in a paycheck and don’t take kindly to those who have determined trusting God with their future is the better option for them. This really has little to do with a paycheck and more to do with knowing who your source is.  Seniority and security are at times the two most self-defeating excuses people use to avoid moving forward. It’s easier and much simpler to just keep doing what you’ve done until your life is over. Now, if you are doing all that God has put in your heart to do, this doesn’t apply to you.

I don’t know how He does it but God always comes through, He really does. It’s not easy to always trust Him; there are times when I find myself suddenly in the midst of fear. I look around and there it is FEAR, “Now where did that come from?” Once again, I’m on my knees asking God for strength to believe one more time. I anticipate the day that I stand so tall in my faith that I never experience even a moment of fear. Until then, let’s just say, I’ve added a commitment to my decision.

If a paratrooper won’t jump, is he still a paratrooper?
There’s a story of boy who decided one day, when He grew up he wanted to become a paratrooper. When he was old enough he joined the military and received special training. He wanted this since he could remember and was glad he’d decided early on exactly what he would do. Much of his training was nearing completion and he was ready for his first assignment, he began to feel nervous as the plane ascended. One thousand feet, two thousand feet, he felt a huge pit in his stomach. Until this point the young man had only made a decision that he wanted to be a paratrooper. It wouldn’t be until he actually jumped out of the plane that he was truly committed. If the parachute opened, he was going down and if the parachute didn’t open, he was still going down. He waited on stand-by as the door opened; he thought about the many times he’d imagined the point of no return.  As he looked out at the open sky and barely there landscape below, he felt uncertain about his decision. Yes, he made a decision years ago, but he now realized, that his decision required a final commitment. He was fully equipped and had received state of the art training; he only needed to take that next giant leap. So he closed his eyes and off he went praying all the way until he reached the “drop zone.”

Is God saying to you it’s time to stop praying and move forward?
Is now the time for you to take the leap of faith? Often when God calls us to do something, it defies human logic. Your mind is not likely to automatically embrace you jumping out of a plane. You’ve had the training, the equipment is there, the hatch is open and the pilot is holding steady, waiting for you to make the next move. Are you committed to fulfilling God’s plan for your life; or did you just make a decision? If it’s too much to look, then close your eyes, and leap! You won’t need your eyes, for this one God only requires you to trust Him and TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH.