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Organizing the Inside – Day 143 Learning to Embrace Solitude

My people will live in a peaceful place, in safe homes and quiet places of rest.
Isaiah 32:18   

There was a time in my life when the thought of being alone was horrifying to me.  Although I am not a socialite, the quiet that came when the voices of my family, friends and acquaintances were gone, was so loud it was almost deafening.  I didn’t like talking when no one other than me was listening. Nevertheless, I often found myself talking to myself. My head had too much to say when things got quiet and still, and I’d rather not hear some of what my head’s observations were about how I was doing.

Now, I’ve learned to embrace solitude.
Actually I’ve discovered that there are real benefits in being alone. Taking a moment to breathe and enjoy my own company is something I cherish. It took months before I felt comfortable sitting in a restaurant without a meal companion. Now I think nothing of it, and only hope other women I see dining alone have too, decided to embrace their “me time” with no thoughts of loneliness. Without that time alone, things start to seem to get out of control. When I fail to take time to breathe and create an imaginary island where I’m the only human present I start to feel a slight imbalance. It’s like a taking a ride and once on that rollercoaster of responsibilities, commitments, and expectations it’s hard to get off until the ride stops, and it barely ever stops. Learning to embrace “me time” is one of the single most important things that I have done, to be the woman God has called me to be. I approach it with no agenda and no expectations to finish a project or any other deferred task. I just sit and do whatever I feel like doing. Selfish and self-serving perhaps a little, but the woman who emerges after I’ve had time on my peaceful island, is far more productive and more in tune with the heart of God than she was before the retreat.

Do what feels right.
If you are learning to appreciate the beautiful woman God created you to be, then cultivating just a bit of solitude will only help the process.  Jesus promised that He would never leave us or forsake us and being alone and away from Him is certainly not possible. Prayer and meditation could be a part of your alone time. However be led by the Spirit. I am recommending this time be spent in addition to your regular devotional time, not in place of. I suggest you not put a whole new list of standards and restrictions on this time away from family, friends and others.  God knows that you need time alone, so quiet yourself and take it. Just keep it simple. Do what you feel you want to do.  If you decide you want to have a slice of New York chocolate cheese cake in the bath tub with candles then do so. I only suggest you put it on your schedule and make sure it happens. Make your “alone time” an important priority which will help replenish you and bring much-needed peace to your mind.

Schedule it
Post it
Do It!