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Organizing the Inside – Day 131 Just A Moment Of Stillness

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” ~Psalm 46:10

Stillness is rarely practiced in our busy society.
I believe that for some, our lack of still, quiet moments is a major way we hold ourselves back from moving forward in the things of God. By slowing down from a hurried schedule that keeps you “running around” and “handling business,” you could find that space of quietness, which is just what you needed to regain your focus. Mobilizing your energy is really not about always having the next thing to do already lined up, sometimes mobilizing your energy is having the next moment free to refresh and replenish your mind.

Allow yourself a time of quiet stillness.
By giving yourself a moment of quietness you are more open to receive the direction and insight that you have prayed for. If you are using the “constant state of prayer” as a way of excusing yourself from taking time out to simply be still before God, you are only deceiving yourself. Certainly a constant state of prayer is a good practice, and having that constant communion with God  keeps you in a state of readiness to handle any situation. This is good, but taking time out of your busy day to create an island of peacefulness and calm will give you an even greater opportunity to hear from God. Being still in His presence will give you a heightened sense of awareness and open your spirit to all that He has for you.

For most Christians there isn’t much time for stillness.
You rush to get dressed and get the kids off in the morning, only to either rush off to work or to finish up on a few errands. Then there are the extracurricular activities, and church activities, along with school and after-school, volunteer work, not to mention dinner and chores. As amazing as it is, you’ve managed to do a pretty good job getting most everything done. But the notion of taking time out to think things through or a quiet moment to clear your mind is absolutely too farfetched for you to receive. How can this maddening pace continue, and you expect to hear the still small voice of God; leading you to the best next step in fulfilling your dreams.

 Several times a day quiet your mind and spirit.
Quality is most important not quantity. Also don’t bother attempting this while driving 10 mph over the speed limit to avoid being late for an appointment. Be purposeful and make this a meaningful moment of stillness. Slip away and make no one, or nothing else a priority, just you and God. Now sit there, and BE STILL.  At first it may go against everything your head is telling you must get done. Just keep in mind, you are clearing and calming your mind, and simply be still. What a huge difference this lifestyle change has made for me. I realize the power I have over my mind. I can be still and allow my mind to slow down, not being manipulated by my busy schedule. I can take full control of my schedule and make sure my life is not cluttered with endless projects and responsibilities. I can breathe because I now know taking the time to be still, (at times in the mist of chaos) eliminates costly mistakes and poor judgment. Enter the presence of the Lord and calm your racing thoughts, relinquish control of your hurried schedule and spend just a few quality minutes, just being still in the presence of the King.