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Organizing the Inside – Day 104 Today We Abandoned Perfectionism

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.   ~Ecclesiastes 11:4

Whenever you do something you believe in doing it right.
You feel a certain excitement in your stomach when you read the words, “Do it once, do it right and be done with it.”  That is something you can absolutely relate to, right?  People often praise and compliment you on a job well done, yet somehow you manage to dwell on the little hiccups that you knew were there, but they missed.

I’ll get it perfect next time!
Then a bit more self loathing talk about how you could have made it just a bit better and you have exhausted yourself again, because you’re still trying to “do perfect.” You heard someone say that God expects excellence and you haven’t given yourself a break since you were a child.  If you are approaching every new task, or venture with that same ridiculously stressed out obsession…It’s time you come on with me and let’s just repent together.

Come to Jesus.
You sure need to, since He is the only one who is perfect and you are going to make yourself one worn-out-somebody if you keep trying to do everything PERFECTLY.  God wants your best and it’s high time that you convince yourself that your best is going to be good enough.  I believe God is pleased when we give Him our best. Let’s say it together, “My best is good enough.”

Trying to do “perfect”, or be “perfect” is so far from reality.
So then what are you doing? You certainly aren’t ever going to be perfect at least not in this life.  Don’t set up for yourself such unrealistic expectations that you end up doing nothing.  Maybe you never quite finish anything or never start anything; either way perfectionism can paralyze you. Put away the umbrella! Here you are watching the sky, waiting for it to rain so that afterward, you can reap your perfect harvest.  How long will you watch the clouds? Will your crops just rot in the ground because of your failure to put down that ideal image of perfection; that you have concocted in your mind and do the will of God.  One thing we know, perfectionism is definitely not in God’s plan for you (here on earth). He did tell us to be holy, because He is holy, now that (holiness) is a condition of the heart.

So let’s strive for holiness and not perfection… a far more attainable goal in this life with God as our help. Today!  Together we abandoned perfectionism.