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Organizing the Inside – Day 98 So Much To Smile About

The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. ~ Psalm 37:23

I think God smiled at me.
When I pulled into the parking lot yesterday and the best spot opened up.

I think God smiled at me (and her too).
When my Mom had a moment of clarity and Alzheimer’s was a distant memory as we laughed and talked, shared cooking secrets and even sang songs together.

I think God smiled at me.
When I asked the mechanic, “How much?” and he said, “No charge everything was under warranty.”

I think God smiles at us every day.
Often we are unaware of His behind the scenes efforts. Covert operations are underway around the clock in the spirit realm; “Operation Work it Out for Their Good,” is at work as you’re reading this. I believe God smiles upon our health and what was just a small headache (that you rebuked) could have been a massive brain hemorrhage that He simply smiled at and healed. He most likely smiled (in a fun-loving way) at my last temper-tantrum or even at my past pity-party with Ben & Jerry; because He was looking at the big picture and knew I’d be okay.

I think God smiles all the time.

I wish we could all be more like Him in that sense.
Consider His goodness,
then consider His love.
Consider His compassion,
then consider His creativity.
Consider His provisions,
then consider His grace.

The next time God smiles at you make sure you’re smiling back. Because God delights in the smallest details of your life.


  womenembracingthecall wrote @

AMEN!!! What a wonderful post! This was very encouraging and made me think about my day and how God was smiling upon my family and me. He is a GREAT God!!! Thank you for sharing!

  Ann Fuller wrote @

Oh, Thank you Liz. Sometmes “life” really can get me “down”, so I’ll remember that He does smile at me. ALSO, one way He smiles at me is through your daily “Organize The Inside”. Thank you!
Ann Fuller

  Liz Mason wrote @

Thanks Ann, I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the posts. I pray daily that God will give me fresh words to bring light and hope to whomever He has to read this blog. I don’t take this assignment lightly, because of all that He has given me to give. Along with that comes a tremendous responsibility. It is a great honor to serve women of God. I just want to stay humble and pray I never wander from His commands.

  karen augustine wrote @

Hey Liz, I love this – “God Smiles”. Those special little things that you know are from God – I call those “God winks”. I know that the special moment was just for me. Such as one day I was peering out the window at my work and I saw 5 deer. I was so excited and awed by their beauty. I said, “Thank you God for that wink, it was just for me wasn’t it?” Or one time I saw the most beautiful sunrise and I knew that was meant just for me – God winked at me. So, enjoy those simple, little pleasures from God. Even the simplest things in life bring us great joy!! Oh, and don’t forget to wink back by telling God thank you and that you love him. Thanks for allowing me to share. Karen Augustine

  Liz Mason wrote @

Hey Karen, thank you for those beautiful comments, very special. I like what you said and I have to be sure to wink back, when God winks at me. Thanks so much for the visit!

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