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Organizing the Inside – Day 88 Lord Unclutter My Life

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace,   ~1 Corinthians 14:33

You don’t have to manage, oversee, roll up your sleeves, dive in, dig in, fix, undo, supplement, analyze, facilitate, or be involved in everything just because you think you can. Being in a constant state of busyness doesn’t mean you are serving God. Give yourself permission to make edits to your busy schedule and consider what’s most important. If last year’s holiday season’s memories are like a blur, that is probably a clear indication that you need to make some changes.

Life should be simple.
Simple is different from easy or even free of problems.  You’re going to have problems and hard times may come, but things don’t always have to be so complicated.  Consider making changes that can eliminate clutter and chaos from your life.  Perhaps this holiday season you can spend more time creating memories instead of being bogged down by confusion.

Embrace change!   
Change inspires a life of passion and fosters growth. Change represents growth. If something is not changing (growing) it is probably dead. Certain things that create confusion and chaos must be confronted if you are to have the life you really want. End relationships that drag on your progress and keep you from moving forward.  Call time-out on new responsibilities and commit to limiting new tasks. Instead scale down and create a simpler more meaningful lifestyle. If family is really first then live in that truth. Make the necessary changes to honor your personal values and end relationships, commitments and projects that really aren’t necessary.  Don’t wait for the New Year to reevaluate your choices get started now.