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Organizing the Inside – Day 77 Get Rich and Find Happiness

1A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. 4By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honor, and life.  
~Proverb 22:1, 4

What does it mean to you to have true riches?
Some believe wealth and riches are defined by how many zeros are on found on their paychecks.  There are those who would suggest that the balance of their savings account or the total of their estates with all hidden and non-hidden assets would represent their accumulated wealth.  But what does all that amount to?  How deep are their pockets with faith, and honor and happiness?  Certainly we know that money can’t buy happiness or good character.

Can you live a fulfilled life without being rich?
I would suggest that perhaps a look at Solomon’s life might uncover the answer. Solomon was the richest man of his time, some say the wealthiest man who ever lived.  But Solomon pleased the Lord, because of his humility. His humble heart pleased the Lord so much, that the Lord promised to give him great wealth.  God’s plan was for Solomon to take on the tremendous responsibility of being king over His chosen people. Solomon knew God’s purpose for his life and out of humility and a sincere desire to please the Lord he asked for wisdom to govern well.

Discovering your purpose and living a life that honors that purpose is the only means to true happiness.
Toward the end of his life, when he had completed his search for the meaning of life and happiness, he concluded the matter. Solomon in all his wealth and riches found that God’s inheritance of true wealth wasn’t about quarterly dividends, or the accumulation of houses and land. Rather it is about a life that results from a humble heart, yielded and ready for service.  Solomon concluded the matter and found that it is the duty of man to fear God and keep His commandments.

Fulfilling God’s plan for your life has nothing to do with accumulated financial wealth.
While this may very well be a part of God’s chosen path for your life it is far more prudent to humble yourself under His mighty hand and allow Him to award the wealth and honor because of your humility. It would be foolish to spend your time seeking prosperity which is like chasing the wind.
Also read Matthew 6:33