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Organizing the Inside – Day 75 Who Can Comprehend God’s Love?

1Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
2Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.
3Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.
4to him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever.
5who by his understanding made the heavens,
His love endures forever.
23to the One who remembered us in our low estate His love endures forever.
24and freed us from our enemies,
His love endures forever.
25and who gives food to every creature.
His love endures forever.
26Give thanks to the God of heaven.
His love endures forever. 
~Psalm 136:1-5, 23-26

The love that God gives is eternal.
There is nothing on earth that can compare.  Human love is limited. We are unaware of all the universe and cannot understand all the mysteries of life; nor can we comprehend the limitless boundaries of God’s presence. Yet by faith we can embrace this love that will surround and protect us when we need Him the most.

His love is perfect, yet our love is flawed.
Love between humans is like a dim light that reflects only a glimmer of God’s love. We cannot comprehend the height or the depth or the width or the strength of a love so pure. We each are born longing for this love, when we find it; it is like a hidden treasure that we searched for among the ruins of life.

God’s love is simply too wonderful to understand. Yet in His infinite wisdom He somehow made it accessible for us to experience and share.