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Organizing the Inside – Day 73 Give Me A Clean Heart

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.
~Psalm 51:10

It has been weeks, or maybe years.
When something happens to bring it back to your memory you feel ashamed, embarrassed or just kind of down about what happened. For so long you have felt bad, but you’ve learned to put it out of mind because it was just not something you really wanted to deal with.  When it comes up you tell yourself, you’ll deal with it later, but later never comes.

You can stuff it down and sometimes put it out of your head.
Yet it lingers in your heart and you just know that it’s there. I understand how hard it is, but who hasn’t made mistakes? Those mistakes can take a toll on your peace of mind.  God doesn’t expect you to be perfect and you need to give yourself a break.

He knew just how bad we could screw things up, but He decided to let us keep our free will, all while loving us and forgiving us when we mess up.

Forgive yourself and forget about the past.
Don’t continue to let this thing stay on your conscience bothering you and keeping you from living a simple life with peace on the inside. It is not okay to put yourself down over something that happened a long time ago.  No matter how awful, if you sincerely asked God to forgive you he did. Not only did He forgive you He forgot about it and wiped the slate clean. It is not cool for a Christian to walk around feeling condemned when God has completely cleansed you. It’s time to get rid of those old remnants of the past and let God move you forward. Now it’s your turn to forgive yourself, and let Him create in you a clean heart. Also read Isaiah 43:19


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