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Organizing the Inside – Day 70 Are You Pretending?

Why are you pretending to be someone else?   ~1Kings 14:6b

You can never do perfect.
Maybe it’s your smile or your hair, maybe it’s your voice or perhaps the way you sound on the phone.  Perhaps it goes even deeper than that and you think you’re not good enough to simply be you.  You’ve studied how someone else speaks… she sounds so confident, so articulate. You’re trying to hide your past. You hope that by being super nice they won’t see your flaws. Someone labeled you “super saint” and you’ve decided maintaining that status is just fine with you.

It is exhausting trying to be someone you’re not.
You’re constantly worried, what if they find out I’m not really that holy, not as spiritual as I seem.  There is a huge gap between the role you’re playing and your authentic self and the stress is crushing your joy inside. Now is not the time to retreat.  Face it, you think if people saw your flaws they wouldn’t accept you. Allowing others to see the authentic you, the somewhat flawed you makes you real and human.  There are no super saints… certainly not here on earth, so relax and find your strength in being the woman God made YOU. You’ve played the fake-me-out role far too long, it’s time to let go.

God made you the way He wanted you.
Your worth is far above rubies.  You are beautiful and made in the image of God.  He made you to look just like HE wanted you to.  You sound that way because that’s how God designed your voice to sound. The gifts you have are for His glory, for His good pleasure.  It’s time you start to recognize just how wonderful the Master’s masterpiece really is.  Accept your past and all that you’ve been through it is part of you, the authentic you.

You can never fulfill God’s purpose for your life trying to be someone else.
God wants to use you, not your likeness or someone else’s likeness.  He made you and knew exactly what He was doing. Decide today, to never again slip back into hiding behind some character that’s not really you. Develop your talents, abilities, gifts and skill and be just the woman God wants you to be. Fearfully and wonderfully made!