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Organizing the Inside – Day 66 Which Report Will You Believe?

Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.”  ~ Mark 13:31

A recent doctor’s visit confirmed what I already knew.
I’d worked myself into worry frenzy all because I sought answers from Google instead of asking God. There is nothing wrong with being informed about your health, but I went to this doctor’s appointment armed with a complete diagnosis and prognosis about my condition.  The doctor never had a chance to examine me or discuss my concerns before I’d already determined what needed to be done.  Yikes! Had I really done all this based upon a Google search?

What was I thinking?
I went to Google first, got my diagnosis and then thought dear Lord you know what Google said, oh help me Lord, it doesn’t look good. I say that jokingly, but it was pretty much how I handled the situation.  Not good.  After only a few minutes in conversation, the nurse told me that the internet was one of their biggest problems, because when patients come in they are anxious, fearing the long list of possible problems and that fear, can create health complications. Obviously I wasn’t the first patient who went to Dr. Google before coming into the office.

I decided I’d better stop asking Google and I asked God.
I must confess I spend my fair share of time on the internet.  Many aspects of my work requires me to use the internet often.  I believe that the Word of God holds answers to every problem that we could ever experience, but somehow I’d consulted “the Google” instead of trusting God. We process information daily and often that information is contrary to the Word of God.  As Christian women we can experience the power of the Word in our lives every day. We must first be willing to hear the Word and then receive it in our hearts and let that be the final authority.

No matter how the situation looks.

We can’t rely on what we think we know.  I’d built this huge medical condition in my mind, all based upon an internet search. The doctor assured me that the horrifying testimonies I read about had nothing to do with me. There is only one thing that is true, only one; the Word of God.  His word will never change and while heaven and earth will pass away; the Word of God will never pass away. I’ve decided to make God’s word my first choice for seeking information and guidance in every situation. If ever my faith is challenged again, I certainly won’t consult Google. I shall believe the report of the Lord!