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Archive for October 24, 2011

Day 51- Can You Limit God?

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,   ~Ephesians 3:20

Do you limit a God that is limitless?  Perhaps you do when you don’t give life to your purpose.  If you have a number of unfinished, back burner projects, ideas, plans, aspirations or secret dreams and you tell yourself, you’ll get around to it one day, you are limiting God.  If you’ve not moved forward because you’re waiting for, the right time, or you have to pray about it more, or you need to reconsider how it’s going to work, or you’re waiting until the kids are out of the house, or once you’re in a better position, or as soon as you clear this up… then you have probably done this before and have a hidden drawer full of unfinished business. 

Start adjusting your outlook and live your life in a way that maximizes your potential. God can and will complete your interrupted and unfulfilled dreams, but you have to be willing to stretch yourself in a way that may seem unfamiliar. Reaching to do more, and achieve more, while trying harder are tactical solutions that can turn your wishing and wanting into reality. Make a list and be specific, but don’t let the “list making”  become another reason to not start moving.

God has given you the measure of faith to see you through. Now it’s your turn to put faith into motion. God has no limits and His ability to change your life is far more than you could ever think to ask for.  Also read Exodus 14:15