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Day 42- I Keep Making the Same Mistake

The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer;  ~Proverbs 30:25

Dear Lord, I can’t find my keys again, and the mail has piled up so that my bag now needs to go into a box or a bigger bag.  One of the biggest mistakes many busy women make creates stress that God never intended them to experience.  God demonstrates just how organized He is throughout the scriptures.  With so many examples of instructions that were given that required one to “follow the plan”, we should be clear about God’s intent for us to have order in our lives.

God made plans to redeem man long before the foundation of the earth. Even the ants are productive during the summer because they know that winter is coming and they must be prepared.

If the ants – so tiny, so smart can make preparations for the future, then we too can plan ahead to make sure we aren’t distressed when we should be at ease.  Decide now that you will stop making the same old mistake of not taking time to make plans and organize yourself.  I find this is one of the most common mistakes my clients repeat; not taking time out to restore order or make proper plans.  If you can’t find your keys again today, plan for a solution. Have duplicates made that you can leave with a neighbor or trusted friend.  STOP, and make plans for a solution so you can move forward without so much unnecessary stress.