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Archive for October 15, 2011

Day 41- They Tell Me God is in Control

19Well then, you might say, “Why does God blame people for not responding? Haven’t they simply done what he makes them do?”
~ Romans 9:19

What a hard subject when you so often hear that “God is in control”.  Is God in control or has He given us the freedom to choose.  We weren’t created to be robots, but surely we only chose Him because He chose us first.

So then why do we make plans; why do we attempt to set goals to accomplish this or that only to find that our goals have led us to a state of frustration and failure? If you’re constantly pushing yourself to do more to achieve more…more than other people, you probably find yourself often perplexed and full of anxiety.

Here’s where you are going wrong; a simple adjustment will turn things around.  You make plans and then ask God to bless what you have decided to do.  Avoiding the misery that comes with failure is far more attainable than you realize.  God will never force us to do anything that is not in our hearts to do.  When God hardened Pharaoh’s heart was it not already Pharaoh’s intention to do things his own way?  It is paramount to our success as daughters of God, to seek His will before making plans.  He will never rush us to make a decision nor will He force us to do anything.  When your heart is close to God, you’ll hear and know “what is the good and acceptable will of the Father” and can then move forward to make plans according to His will, not yours. When making PLANS remember it starts with “P” PRAYER.  Also read Romans 12:2