Organizing the Inside 365 Days

Empowering Christian Women To Get Organized and Discover God's Plan for Their Lives

Day 35- Dream Big

But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.
~James 1:4

Have you ever had a dream that you believe came from God?  Have you ever been excited about what you felt God wanted you to do?  Did you eagerly go charging off to get things in motion right away?  You determined the mission was too important not to begin today.

God gives us big visions that come out of our desire to serve Him.  He allows us to see things through our imagination that we otherwise would not be able to grasp.  Your imagination is a gift from God.  When used right it can help propel you forward in God’s master plan. With your imagination you can see yourself doing things that you never thought possible because your dream can take you far beyond (what you can see) today’s reality. 

God uses dreams to create visions because He understands that our mind often limits our ability to move forward by faith. After all faith is the substance of things hoped for, and it’s the evidence of things not seen.  If God has given you a dream, surely He is able and willing to bring it to pass.  Know this, your dream must be cultivated.  Let patience have her perfect work.  Meanwhile set goals, follow through and know that you can do and achieve anything that you set your mind to do, according to God’s will for your life.
(also read Genesis 11:6)

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