Organizing the Inside 365 Days

Empowering Christian Women To Get Organized and Discover God's Plan for Their Lives

Day 18- Nurturing the Seed

22The seed that fell among the thorns represents those who hear God’s word, but all too quickly the message  out by the worries of this life and the lure of wealth, so no fruit is produced.        ~Matthew 13:22

The seed parable warns us about how dangerous living a disorganized life can be. When we run around pursuing one thing after another and trying to get it all done, the Word is choked out. Those things that require our attention, those competing priorities take our focus off living the Word.

Slow down today and allow God to speak to your heart through His word.  Nurturing the Word that is in you will restore order to your life and cause you to bear enduring fruit.
Also read Matthew 13:3-8   


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